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Business creation

Dorcas encourages people to save in groups. Gamara (meanin ‘moon’) is one of the groups, consisting of five men in Zagalona near Wau town. Each member has his own business, but they collectively save money in one box. The box has three padlocks, so that it can only be opened in presence of the three key holders. The groups collected weekly contributions and after six months of saving, Dorcas rewarded the group with a grant. The savings and the grant were invested in business creation or expansion while the group continues to save together. The group meets on weekly basis and receive coaching by Dorcas.

Samuel Ngongo is one of the members. He is a married man with children. Participation in the saving group allowed him to expand his business. Recently he started charging phones, before he was only selling sim cards and airtime. He owns a small shop in the market, near to the other members of the saving group. Samuel is a returnee from Khartoum and returning to South Sudan was not easy. Samuel: ‘I started to enjoy life since I am able to make a living, and am respected by the community. Life was hard before, but is changing slowly now’.