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Food security

Josephine is married and mother of six children. Dorcas works in her village on improving food security. Josephine has experienced the benefits of participation in the project. She was given two goats to take care of. ‘The goats are bringing joy to the family. When we wake up, we like to take a look at the goats. We never had these animals before.’ One of the goats is pregnant at the moment. The baby goat will be returned to the project and given to a new beneficiary, accompanied by training. ‘We hope that there will be surplus milk for our own consumption. And we use the goat dung as fertilizer. We have seen that other people do that and that their crops are growing very well.’ Josephine is also growing crops. She learned on the demonstration plot about modern agricultural methods such as planting crops in rows instead of scattered over the field. Each of the fifty beneficiaries (primarily women) is cultivating a small plot within the demonstration plot, besides cultivating on their own field at home. Josephine is growing different types of staple crops and vegetables such as onion, tomato and eggplant. Especially the sale of eggplant is profitable. ‘Working on the demonstration plot is encouraging me to go the extra mile. It is nice to work together and we learn from each other.’ Dorcas extension workers show Josephine and other beneficiaries how to construct a local storage facility so that rats cannot reach the stored harvest. ‘Unfortunately the yields were not so good last year, because of limited rain. But now I know how to plant and I hope that the rains will be better so that I will have a good harvest. Inshallah (God willing)’.