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Marko Yel Mawien proudly shows the toilet that he is constructing for his family. He has a large family, including his seven wives and their children. Marko constructs a latrine from local materials. The soil is soft, and therefore it was not difficult to dig the pit. He raised the platform in order to prevent flooding of the latrine during the heavy rains in the area. He will complete the superstructure with tree branches, mud and grasses. ‘I decided to make a latrine when I realized the negative effects of open defecation. Flies touch the faeces and later they infect the food and cutleries. Also the dogs make that faeces spread to the compound.’ Marko is among the first people in the community who started to construct a latrine. While we are talking, also a neighbour has joined the meeting. He wants to learn from Marko’s experiences. ‘After the rainy season, when the harvest is done, I will complete the toilet’, explains Marko. Marko Wol Ngor is the hygiene promotor who is in contact with Marko and his neighbour. ‘I create awareness about the importance of hygiene and latrines in the community and work together with community representatives to make sure that people take action after the awareness creation’, tells Marko Wol Ngor.