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Vocational training

Dorcas vocational training center is located on the outskirts of Wau town. Although the course fees are affordable, travel time and travel expenses limit accessibility of the courses to some students. Initiating outreach vocational training has benefited these students and especially women with young children who are less free to move.

Delicious bread

Bakery is one of the trainings provided in different locations. Students receive one month training in small groups about preparation of various products such as ‘ish’ (bread) and ‘torta’ (cakes). The women use a charcoal heated local oven to bake these products. When the oven is opened, it smells attractive and the taste of the freshly bakes products is delicious. The ladies sell the bread for one South Sudanese Pound per piece. Marketing is easy because the bread is bigger than in other while the price is the same.

New entrepreneurs

Vivian is one of the women who is benefitting from the training. ‘I am following this training to be busy. I want to show my children that it is good to do something. My husband has a job, but I don’t want to sit idle at home.’ The profitability of the business is still questionable. ‘I am confident that I will make it a profitable business. I will adjust the size of the bread according to the price of ingredients. If the ingredients are expensive, I will reduce the size of the products in order to still make a profit.’ ‘These participants will still receive entrepreneurship training, where these kind of calculations will be made’ explains Thomas Anei Deng, project coordinator. ‘The most capable women will start a business and be supported with a loan.’

Peace & self-esteem

‘You see people from different tribal backgrounds work together in this training,’ points Thomas out. ‘People solve their problems while they come together, which contributes to a more peaceful neighbourhoods. Tribes who have problems with each other in other parts of the country, have good relations here.’ Besides additional skills and increased bread consumption,  also self-esteem and confidence among these women increases. Look at Nivea. She proudly shows the freshly baked cakes and is posing on the picture, enjoying the attention and appreciation.