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‘I used to walk for 1 hour and 20 minutes to fetch water, because this nearby borehole was broken’, tells Rebecca. The borehole was recently repaired by Dorcas water team. Rebecca uses her extra time for cultivation and pounding sorghum. She also doesn’t have to work so late at night anymore. ‘Another benefit is that I don’t have to quarrel at the borehole anymore. Before I had to use the borehole of another community, where they didn’t accept me easily.’ The existing water committee will receive additional training and a toolbox so that the pump mechanic can repair the borehole in case of future breakdowns. The water committee will also start collecting water user fees in order to have sufficient financial resources for maintenance. The community constructed a simple fence around the handpump to protect it against goats, sheep and cows. Furthermore, the community will dig drainage channels so that standing wastewater will not serve as breeding place for mosquitoes.